Using a calorie calculator

One of the basic facts about losing weight, is that you should eat fewer calories than you burn. It really is as simple as this. The most important thing to remember is that you must be honest with yourself. There is no point in cheating. The Venus Factor does allow you to carry on eating your favorite foods in moderation. Do that but do not abuse it.

This is the view of countless specialists in nutrition and preventative medicine. Put simply you have to consume all of the calories in the food that you have eaten in the day. Then go on to burn more. If you do this you WILL lose weight, providing that you take the same amount of exercise. To do this you need to know exactly how many calories you are eating. You can then go on to work out a new, reduced calories intake.

It is important to say that you do not have to exercise to extremes. The Venus Factor does not depend on heavy cardio workouts in the gym for its success. You do not even have to exercise at all, if you prefer not to. Taking exercise through the diet does have some benefits however. First, you will burn fat faster if you exercise lightly. And secondly, you will be fitter and healthier with it. The venus factor package also contains a number of MP3 podcasts which you can listen to on your iPod while doing some of the recommended exercise routines. Or you could listen to them the car while driving. Whatever you choose to do, it is generally agreed that the podcasts give you great moral support during your diet. The before and after stories from real women are very inspirational.

Deciding how much to eat to lose weight

To begin calculating your path to weight loss, you need to work out accurately exactly how many calories you eat every day. To do this, use Google and choose one of the pages listed. You should have an online calculator which requests your personal details such as height weight, gender and so on. You will also have to enter the exercise that you do each day. This may be described in terms of the work that you normally do.

Enter the details and start the calculator. You will get a number of calories. This is the amount that is needed to sustain your current level of activity. You need to take that number and subtract around 400-500 calories from it. This gives you your new calorie intake. This level of eating will result in you losing about a pound of fat each week, if you continue to exercise at the same level.

Calorie calculator

Free calorie chart

YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DO THIS WITH THE VENUS FACTOR – The program pack contains access to a virtual nutritionist application which will do all the calculations for you. And it will advise you on the most suitable diet regime for your body weight and how much exercise to do. All you have to do is follow the instructions it (she?) provides for you.

Negative calorie foods

There are a number of so-called negative calorie foods such as carrot, cauliflower, celery, grapefruit and lettuce. These are both fruit and vegetables. The term “negative calorie” means that the body uses more energy to digest the food than the amount of calories in the food itself. This is a myth. In order¬† to be truly negative calorie the body would have to use 101 calories to digest a piece of celery containing 100 calories of food energy. Why this is nonsense is that the body actually uses about 8% of the energy value of celery to digest it. Not nearly 100%. You can find out more about negative calories food at Wikipedia.

This idea crops up in many diets on the internet, but there is no scientific proof that it works. When you are dieting it doesn’t harm to include some of these foods every day. Most of them contain vitamins and will not make you put on weight. They will make you feel less hungry.

Diets based on negative calorie food do not work. They might help with weight loss because they help to fill your stomach with bulky food that is low in calories and stop you from feeling hungry.

YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DO THIS WITH THE VENUS FACTOR – It does not rely on gimmicks like eating celery or cabbage! For the low down on how the VF uses the body’s own, natural Leptin see my article on why this diet does not require that you calculate your calorie intake exactly.

The package includes access to an online virtual nutritionist (actually a rather smart app). By following the nutritionists advice, so can settle into a routine of steady fat loss during the first phase of the diet.